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We believe that ALL beach users should have fair access to California's beaches. We feel nude or clothing optional recreation is a valid recreation, that helps the county better serve the diverse recreational interests of the public. Those who enjoy it should be allowed to do so.

A. Remote Location

The proposed area is really a LONG way down, and you really have to want to go there!
The proposed clothing-optional area starts approximately 1000 yards north of the access ramp (the rusty pipe jutting out of the cliff has always been the tradition demarcation line) and extends for 1/4 mile toward the north around the concrete sea barrier. Photo is from the pedestrian ramp from the beach parking lot, taken in July 2010, when the beach should be filled with people. Nobody goes there!

B. Bates "Beach Watch" Volunteers

Nudists recognize that lewd behavior has no business on a beach nor in any public place. Our Friends of Bates Beach Ambassadors are trained to observe and report such occurrence should the person refuse to leave.

Beach Ambassador programs work on over 20 other beaches in the country, from Black's Beach near San Diego to Haulover Beach in Florida and Gunnison Beach in New Jersey. After awhile, the word gets out this is not a safe beach for such activity and these people move elsewhere.

C. Proper Signage

We understand that some people are offended by beach nudity. We also respect the rights of those who don’t want to find our beach accidentally. We propose proper signage at both ends to notify beachgoers of the area’s designation, so beach goers can decide for themselves.

All successful clothing-optional beaches have signs similar to these. (There is also a sign on the reverse side reminding nudists the need to be dressed beyond that point.) These signs help avoid user conflict on the beach.

The "No Loitering" sign on the right is a sample of what can be posted along the Coastal Trail on the cliff above the beach to discourage loitering. We have asked the design of the Coastal Trail to include low fencing along the cliff's edge to prevent people from slipping over the side of these often-unstable bluffs.
We also can provide orange "traffic" cones so the boundaries on the sand so that the boundaries are even more obvious.

Proper signage on the walking path on the cliff above the beach is also essential to discourage voyeurs and to give law enforcement another tool to prevent any illegal activity on the proposed Coastal Trail. Signs also will help reduce the chance of people

D. Encourage Beachgoers to Shop in Carpinteria

Our Ambassador patrols will encourage people to shop in nearby Carpinteria by distributing discount coupons from the local businesses there. At the very least, this should generate some business for the local restaurants. We will also spread the word to the national nudist network so that tourists may plan to come here to stay in our hotels and motels, thus increasing bed tax revenue to the County.

We estimate up to $500,000/year can be generated in South County revenue this way by persons using Bates Beach with essentially no additional cost to the city or county! See Local Support

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E. Keep the Beach Clean!

Our beach Ambassadors will encourage beachgoers to take out all their trash when their visit is complete and also to join with us each September for the annual California Beach Cleanup Day where Friends of Bates BEach sponsors the local cleanup efforts at North Rincon and surrounding areas.

You Don’t Have To Be A Nudist Yourself To Support Our Efforts!

All you have to do is believe that nudists have the right to their own “space” without government interference in their chosen beliefs, just as we support the rights of others to their own beliefs and values, even if they differ from ours.